Business Advice Services

At Skeggs Goldstien, we provide small to medium sized business (SMB) with greater certainty and control by delivering complete business advice, planning, accounting and debt services in one place.

At Skeggs Goldstien we understand the issues and complexities faced by business owners. As a result we offer a range of services, tools and programs particularly for the SMB market.

Our specialist SMB services include:

Succession and Transition Planning

Business Valuation


Business Life Plan

Business valuations

Staff Value Programme

BUSINESS PLANNING SERVICES – structured planning process that enables the business to document and communicate their business strategy.

SUCCESSION AND TRANSITION SERVICES – is a structured planning process that enables business owners to transfer some or all of their Ownership interest and/or Management responsibilities in their business to a third party.

BUSINESS VALUATION – a comprehensive analysis both quantitative and qualitative in nature to provide you with an indication of your business worth as well as understand key drivers that will improve your business value.


BUSINESS LIFE PLAN – structured planning process that enables business owners to identify what they need to do to get the best results from their business and their business/life balance.

STAFF VALUE PROGRAM – establishes an environment that existing employees will find appealing and which will make it easier for the employer to attract and retain staff.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.